Dj, Music Producer

I am Leandro Papa from Perugia, Italy. I was nvolved in music from age of 14 playing drums in a Heavy Metal Band, and soon after, I moved into radio (RADIO ASTRA & RADIO PERUGIA 1) and at the same time started to DJ in clubs, playing Italo Disco, Funky, New Wave.

As a music producer & remixer (since 1988) Leandro has released over 500 tracks internationally including 3 Platinum Records, 6 Gold Records & 10 Silver Records. Aliases Names Used & Artists Collaborations: Last Rhythm, Midnight Express, Sabrina Johnston, Michelle Weeks, Gloria Gaynor, Loleatta Holloway, Sampling Girls, Cheryl Nickerson, Sabrynaah Pope, Vernessa Mitchell, Larry James Ray, Goblin, Stonehenge, Rockets…and many more… People say that he wrote a page of History of Club Music making the track “Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm”.

Leandro is presently working on a new Techno EP and is resident DJ in 2 clubs in Perugia: Aegizia and Club Zero 75.