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Written by on January 27, 2018

About us  – the meaning

THNX Radio is named after the universal world THANKS.

About us – the music style 

THNX Radio,  plays eclectic music for your favorite place (coffee shops, bars, lounges) in the best quality of sound. Sounds from all over the world. Music is Universe. Language is just a communication code that differs from country to country. We may not understand the lyrics but we capture the emotion of each song. We break the code, we dissolve the communication barriers, we create a youniversal communication music.

The basic philosophy is the new stage of electronic sound. We respect rock music and for that, we have many remixes of old songs in the category “Do you Remember?”  that play in the Creer Up zone.

Electronic, mainstream & rock comply with the spectrum of THNX Radio‘s music.

It may seem to you that is a wrong combination but music is youniverse. Every sound of the youniverse is unique, like you, and has its own message. The secret is the right alchemy that can connect all the uniqualities. The name of the secret is emotion. To find the emotions of the songs is the key.

Connect to the popup page of the THNX radio player and listen 24/24 at the best quality of sound.

About us – the parties

We organize events and parties of different styles, from rock with live bands to electro parties. So, be alert because our next party is always on the way.


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