Cheer UP

Written by on September 12, 2018

Cheer Up  😊😊😊

A good day starts in the morning.

Cheer UP zone starts at 07:00 and it ends at 20:59 (GTM +2)

Sounds from all over the world, pop, mainstream, house, deep house, even rock and “Do you Remember” songs.

All genres of music are music!

Some songs stay alive throughout the years and we wish to keep them alive.

Music flux is made up for professional spaces and for homes. It produces happiness, multiple feelings, and sounds from all over the world that are chosen to match the whole music harmony.

The music alternates between high tempo and low tempo in order to keep the interest of the audience.

THNX radio‘s team gives a lot of thought over this project.

We choose to believe that today everything can happen, as long as you maintain a good mood.

Music in HQ sound, no ads, no intervals, plays 24 hours and it is FREE for any user.

Today is a good day!  Stay tuned in THNX Radio player


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