Anastasia is a singer & a songwriter.

Anastasia has formed and joined many bands, such as Aima Starr, Undertaste, Chatterbox, Acousticover, Discover The Band, NoΫa, Laternative, SoundEsc with a variety of sounds – Pop, Rock, Alternative, Disco, and Experimental Electronic Projects. She has performed live with all these bands and she’s still collaborating with many of her ex-bandmates and jamming at various venues!

She was born a music talent. Anastasia showed her music interest when she was 4 years old and started writing her own music from the age of 6. Studied music and took singing lessons for several years and she was a soprano at her school choir for 6 years.

Nowadays, she is recording her own music with a new bant that is now being formed and soon to be announced.. So stay tuned..

She is also performing with a melodic hard rock band called “It’s All About The Music”.

The radio world attracted Anastasia from the beggining.

For about 2 years she was a radio producer on Atlantis fm in the morning zone.

At 2013 she joined forces with Thnx Radio and started a collaboration and an amazing friendship with that team. She started as a host & a producer in the talk show ‘No more Beeps’ and now she is one of the sound engineers, (with Teo & Steve Lado) . She also is the “Voice” of  Thnx Radio since she does the station’s commercial spots.

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