Joanna Arbi

Joanna Arbi was born and raised in Athens. Her tendency in arts pushed her to studying Scenography (Art Direction) – Costume Design and Art History.

But there was another inclination too. She liked to observe people and see behind their behaviors. The studies of Social Psychology at the University of Crete, (although she never received her degree because she was full in love at that time), proved useful several years later in her activity with social media.

Growing up in the world of show-biz, met some of the country’s best-known artists and worked with them  as a visual merchandiser at Michalis Aslanis famous Fashion House. Joanna continued her career on TV & Radio productions. She joined one of the most successful TV Production Organization Teams  (Ena Productions) that brought Big Brother & Fame Story in Greece.

As radio producer she had a show in the Seven Radio.  Petros Koletis (Seven’s  manager) gave her valuable tips on speech training and radio narration.

Joanna is member of Thnx team from the very first moment in 2012 (at that time BOTOX Radio) as Communication Manager & Program Director. She conciders THNX Radio to be an integral part of her life.

Joanna, also had one of the most successful shows, named “Dark Paradise” from to 2012 to 2016.  At that time the radio’s management decided to stop live shows and turn to 24/24 music. Joanna received the proposal to continue her show in the First Program (National broadcasting), but she did not hesitate to refuse it because  “THNX Radio station is her family” – as she says.

However, Dark Paradise continues to send its philosophical messages through the pages of magazine in which, Joanna is the Editor in Chief . is a web magazine of varied content  that loves humanity, promotes the pleasant side of life without “pink or yellow shades” and supports events and artists who are trying to spread their work with dignity and aesthetic.

My Favourite Quote

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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