The experience of John in Graphic Arts and Digital Printing is long and profound.

He has worked  in known Greek industries, such as:

AlumincoS.A. the aluminium corporation, as art director of the marketing department,

✔ Patenta Group S.A.  as art director responsible for the design of corporate kiosks for tobacco companies such as Marlboro, Phillip Morris, Camel and Karellia,

A.N. Tombazis & Associates Architects, as digital printing manager responsible for the design and preparation of the architecture projects and commercial offers of the company. Additionaly, he was responsible for the printing of five exclusive book  publications “Alexandros N. Tombazis, Tombazis & associates Architects”,  “Alexandros N. Tombazis (ed.), Sanctuary of Fatima, Churth of the Most Holy Trinity”, “Alexandros N. Tombazis, On Architerture. Short Essays”, “Aλέξανδρος Ν. Τομπάζης, Οικολογική Σκέψη και Αρχιτεκτονική”, “ Alexandros Tombazis, ”The beautiful giraffe…”.

In THNX Radio John is responsible for the printing and digital material.

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