Mary has been in the THNX Radio team since the beginning.

She loves getting people together, make them joy & enjoy beautiful memories.  For that the reason she is the person responsible for organizing the events and parties of THNX Radio.

She studied Marketing & Behavioral Science in the University of LaVerne , Greece and worked on advertising in Music Life magazine. Business life wasn’t what she wanted, so she continued studding Arts and Interior design. She worked with aa Associates as interior designer, leaning her mark on few buildings that are consider to be the highlight of architecture in Athens.

In the search of what is “important” in life, she followed a new adventure that brought her closer to nature and to the natural ways of being healthy in body & mind. Consequently she finished her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine in  Ακαδημία Αρχαίας Ελληνικής & Παραδοσιακής Κινεζικής Ιατρικής taking the diploma of Acupuncture therapist.

“Therapy is all about transforming the pain into self-understanding, make an unhappy body find its own way to cure its wounds and a soul feel free to express itself”. That was the message of her radio show “Jedi Doctor” that played on BOTOX Radio (the archangel of THNX Radio) from 2013-2016.

The purpose of sharing  “thanks”  brought her to the team of THNX Radio.

“Ι believe our music is curative. We have tested it in many public areas. A common feeling of positive energy is spreading in the air, changing the atmosphere. Try it!” ~ Mary


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