Hailing from the flirt-friendly seas of the coasty Greece, Steve has turned some heads in his capacity as both an innovative engineer and a highly apt modern guitar player.

From heart-soothing pop rock tunes to the most extreme of metal acts (be it a radio -friendly musical theme or a crystal-clear acoustic arpeggio, be it a monolithic massive groove or a multi-layered progressive output), Steve provides over the edge production quality in terms of Recording, Mixing/ Mastering and Reamping. Gradually, he has turned over to Schecter Guitars, in order to make the best out of his modern metal productions. As an axeman, he is quite well-known for his aggressive, yet smooth playing, with a an all rock-esque, heartfelt approach.

He is currently the guitarist of the brainy Tardive Dyskinesia, whose intellectual, progressive, rhythm-oriented extreme metal has taken them as far as the mostly popular Euroblast in Germany and Tech-Fest in the UK, sharing the stage with monstrous collectives such as Meshuggah, Textures, The Ocean, Animals As Leaders, Between The Buried And Me, Cynic, Leprous and many more.

TD also appeared in the biggest rock/metal festivals in Greece such Rockwave Festival, Heavy By The Sea, Schooolwave, sharing the stage with Gojira, At The Gates, Deftones, Ghost, Behemoth and more.

One of Steve’s milestones in his career as a sound engineer and an artist in general is the collaborations he has pulled through with one of the driving forces in modern music technology, the colossal Native Instruments.

Steve has demoed NI products such as the Guitar Rig plug-in, the Abbey Roads 80s Drums and Abbey Road Modern Drums, the Studio Drummer, the Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass, and many significant others, all featured in NI’s website.

Currently, Steve is working on various productions with bands and artists from several genres, establishing his own sound signature in the modern music industry.

His latest interest in Electronic music is what led him to THNX Radio. He is taking care of the quality control of the audio signal in order to maintain the top possible sound experience for the audience of THNX Radio in cooperation with Teo.



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