Sickside – Vanilla Coffee feat. Mandy

Sickside - Mandy June 19, 2020

Sickside – Vanilla Coffee feat. Mandy

Music, piano, keys and bass :  Sickside 

Voice : Mandy

Production : Rubik Sound


Few words about the artists

About Sickside

Greek performer, music producer and multi instrumentalist Sickside (real name Efthimis Vogiatzoglou) is one of the biggest multitalents his homecity of Thessaloniki has to offer. After getting hooked on hip-hop music from an early age, Sickside got a Bachelor’s degree in Sound Recording, and soon afterwards started working for several venues and productions.

His current musical compositions vary from jazz and downtempo to chill hop and electronic sounds. He uses sound synthesis to craft the majority of his sounds from scratch, a big reason why his music is so pure; an honest representation of his  thoughts and feelings. 

About Mandy

When a sad old soul chose to beat for a young wild mind, music happened.

“My name is Mandy. I’m a 23-year-old girl that has a habit and loves to turn every story, person, fact or poem in a sad song. It’s one of my best qualities… don’t get me wrong, I’m a creature full of hope and dreams but as many of my friends say my eyes hide melancholia and so does my soul. I’m a singer that sings to express in a world that exists to impress…“

“What defines my music is minimalism with some jazz-soul elements that leave space for the lyrics to mesmerize you, and for the music to lay gently on your brain. Mystery, darkness and light are my friends in terms of helping me express my thoughts and concerns.“

“My music may seem like a black and white picture of a lake in the woods but if you just dive in the waters you will be able to see and feel the colors. 




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