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 ✨ The clan of the Stars


Each one is special for this musical journey. We are technically prepared but mainly inspired.
The flame is great for touching musical trails, as far as we can, to bring together many kinds of music,
to get to know other languages ​​of expression, to break the time and to meet historical sounds.
Music is YOUniverse.
Let me introduce you the crew . . 

The life of Teo  can be characterized by one word and that is MAGIC. As a boy, he could sense the whispers of nature and communicate with its creatures. His extrasensory perception and strong intuition lead him to the studies of psychic and philosophy, first in Athens and later in London. He is an inspiration for many people, a true friend who is always in the search of how to make life better, from things that may seem simple eg, the quality of sound on the radio, to more vital issues like the emotional and material support to those in need (humans, animals & plants). Music had always been one of his passions. At the age of 18 he created his first radio station, at 215 FM. He had a big collection of LPs with the latest hits in Europe. Every afternoon Teo and his friends gathered to the basement of his house for live broadcasting. It was the days that people still called on the station to leave their dedications to friends and lovers. 215 FM was the only piratic radio station that was granted the approval to be official, because of the quality of music and style of broadcasting. For Teo, everything he does is about finding that perfect harmony that makes life feel like magic.

Mary has been in the THNX Radio team since the beginning. She loves getting people together, make them joy & enjoy beautiful memories.  For that the reason she is the person responsible for organizing the events and parties of THNX Radio. She studied Marketing & Behavioral Science in the University of LaVerne , Greece and worked […]

Joanna was born and raised in Athens. Her tendency in arts pushed her to study Scenography (Art Direction) – Costume Design and Art History. But there was another inclination too. She liked to observe people and see behind their behaviors. The studies of Social Psychology at the University of Crete, (although she never received her […]

Anastasia is a singer & a songwriter. Anastasia has formed and joined many bands, such as Aima Starr, Undertaste, Chatterbox, Acousticover, Discover The Band, NoΫa, Laternative, SoundEsc with a variety of sounds. Nowdays, she is recording her own music with a new bant that is now being formed and soon to be announced.. So stay tuned.. At 2013 she joined forces with Thnx Radio and started a collaboration and an amazing friendship with that team. She started as a host & a producer in the talk show 'No more Beeps' and now she is one of the sound engineers, (with Teo Tsirikakis & Steve Lado) . She also is the “Voice” of  Thnx Radio since she does the station’s commercial spots.

Hailing from the flirt-friendly seas of the coasty Greece, Steve has turned some heads in his capacity as both an innovative engineer and a highly apt modern guitar player. From heart-soothing pop rock tunes to the most extreme of metal acts (be it a radio -friendly musical theme or a crystal-clear acoustic arpeggio, be it a […]

Lefteris  is THNX Radio's sound engeneer. The choices of our equipment and the way things work in order to be proud to offer you, the best quality of sound, was designed by Lefteris. He is a professional with great experience in radio sound design as he has worked on the sound design of many Greek FM Radios.

The experience of John in Graphic Arts and Digital Printing is long and profound. He has worked  in known Greek industries, such as: ✔ AlumincoS.A. the aluminium corporation, as art director of the marketing department, ✔ Patenta Group S.A.  as art director responsible for the design of corporate kiosks for tobacco companies such as Marlboro, Phillip Morris, […]

Christina is the Photographer !

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